Early Cavity Detection

Diagnodent is a pen-like, handheld tool that is used to scan the tops and sides of your teeth to detect cavities that may be missed on x-rays and are not visible during a dental examination. Diagnodent uses advanced laser technology to measure the density of your tooth’s enamel and alert the user when loss of density is detected. By catching decay earlier, we are able to treat the cavity with smaller fillings and preserve the natural tooth structure

Real People Real Whitening Results

Due to significant restorative work and a history of gum disease, Diana had always been hesitant to whiten. Now, she will continue with her restorations to match her whiter smile.

A self-proclaimed “dentistphobe” Allen decided. on a whim to try whitening to freshen up his appearance.

Before her college graduation, Dani touched up her smile with Philips Zoom.