Adult Orthodontics

SURESMILE: The Modern Solution to Set your Smile Straight

It shouldn’t be a hassle to get a straight, beautiful smile. It’s the 21st century! Well, what if we told you it is possible to get a straight smile without dealing with metal brackets and wires? Advance Family Dentistry is proud to offer Suresmile in Coeur D’Alene, ID. It’s a modern twist on orthodontics!

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is a modern orthodontic treatment that uses clear, plastic aligners designed to move your teeth to their appropriate position. This method is becoming the Preferred treatment  for orthodontists and dentists alike due to the incredible results, ease of use, and the many benefits for patients, including:

  •  Aligners are removable
  •  Convenience of eating your favorite foods
  •  It’s easy to brush and floss teeth
  •  Aligners are nearly invisible and comfortable to wear

Real People Real Whitening Results

Due to significant restorative work and a history of gum disease, Diana had always been hesitant to whiten. Now, she will continue with her restorations to match her whiter smile.

A self-proclaimed “dentistphobe” Allen decided. on a whim to try whitening to freshen up his appearance.

Before her college graduation, Dani touched up her smile with Philips Zoom.