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At Advanced Family Dentistry in CDA, we offer general dentistry procedures. When our patients need a CDA dentist to trust for simple routine procedures, Dr. Mosby is your trusted Coeur d’Alene family dentist.

General dentistry refers to the practice of routine dental procedures. Our dental staff is skilled and able to provide any routine service a patient needs. We even offer family dentistry and can provide gentle, quality care for dental patients of all ages. It is important to us that we can offer families a dental practice that cares for all members no matter the age or oral need.



The secret to a bright, healthy smile is actually no secret at all: brush, floss and get a professional dental exam at least once every six months. Professional dental exams are all about prevention – preventing existing problems from getting worse and preventing dental problems from developing in the future. Regular dental exams make it possible to identify and treat a problem in its earliest stage – which is not only good for your oral health but also good for your budget!

There's nothing to fear with a dental exam. Your teeth will be visually examined for signs of plaque, tartar, and tooth decay. Your gums will also be examined for puffiness or discoloration, which are signs of gum disease. A full set of dental X-rays may also be taken during your dental exam, to enable your dentist to see below the surfaces of your teeth. Dental exams typically end with a dental cleaning, to remove surface stains and buildup. 


Dental X-rays have come a long way. Today’s dental X-rays are safer, faster, more comfortable and more informative than the X-rays of years past. Digital X-rays, one of the latest and most advanced dental technologies, produce high-quality images of your teeth that can be viewed instantly by you and your dentist on a LCD monitor. Digital X-rays reduce radiation by up to 90% and provide exceptional diagnostic information to ensure that potential problems are caught in their earliest stages. Dr. Mosby has the highest level of safety in mind when conducting dental X-rays for you and your family.

At Advanced Family Dental in Coeur d’Alene, we also use Sirona, GALILEOS® technology.

From the positioning of the patient to the optimized image, all elements of the image process are carefully synchronized to complement each other. High resolution and noise reduction work together. The reduction of metal artifacts produces images with reduced scatter. And when it comes to the highest image quality, choose the HD mode with GALILEOS® ComfortPLUS , ORTHOPHOS SL 3D, and ORTHOPHOS® XG 3D. 2 LOW DOSE For patients, the lowest possible exposure to radiation is crucial. This is why we use an image intensifier with state-of-the-art technology for the large scan volumes. You can lower the dose even further by choosing a smaller volume for the least exposure to radiation. 3 PERFECT WORKFLOW Intuitive handling, time-saving, findings oriented work, individualized with just a few clicks: The SIDEXIS software package is tailored exactly to the needs of the practice. In addition, Sirona CBCT systems are also compatible with most third-party software for orthodontics, which makes processing 3D x-rays extremely simple. 

At Advanced Family Dentistry of Coeur d’Alene, we sometimes require x-Rays be taken of our patients. We only take X-Rays when absolutely necessary and not at every dental visit. 


No matter how often you brush and floss, plaque and tartar deposits can still build up on your teeth. A professional dentist teeth cleaning is the single most effective way to remove these deposits and prevent them from causing more serious oral problems in the future. While a traditional teeth cleaning involves manually scraping away these deposits with special dental tools, advances in dental technologies now give you more options for teeth cleanings.

A ultrasonic cleaning, is a popular alternative to traditional teeth cleanings. With a laser teeth cleaning, an ultrasonic scaler (rather than a manual probe) is used to remove deposits, kill harmful microbes and eliminate bacteria around the teeth and gums through high-frequency sound waves. Many dental patients find laser teeth cleanings more comfortable than traditional teeth cleanings because they are quicker, quieter and pain-free. Advanced Family Dentistry is the leader in all laser dentistry procedures.

A deep cleaning may be recommended if excessive plaque and tartar deposits have developed below the gum line. Deep cleanings, also known as scaling and root planning, involve a two-part process: first, the stubborn deposits are removed, and then the root surfaces are smoothened. A deep cleaning helps prevent periodontal disease and restores gum tissues to a healthy dental state. 


An extraction is the removal of a tooth that is causing problems to your oral health. Removing a tooth is necessary if it is decayed, impacted, infected or causing pain for other reasons. Dental extractions are easy with Dr. Mosby at Advanced Family Dentistry in Coeur d’Alene.


If you've been told you need a dental filling, you're not alone: 92% of Americans have had at least one cavity. Dental fillings are the tried-and-true treatment for treating cavities – and they come in a variety of options to suit every need. Dental fillings can be made of silver amalgam, composite, porcelain and even gold. Amalgam fillings have been used by dentists for more than a century and are still the most common and cost-effective type of dental filling. But composite fillings, which are made of a tooth-colored plastic and glass composite, are the preferred dental filling due to their natural appearance and durability. The type of dental filling used is determined by several factors, including size and location of the cavity.

At Advanced Family Dentistry, Dr. Mosby offers Composite fillings that are long lasting, natural looking and just as durable as a natural tooth.  


Children should see the dentist at either their first birthday or at the emergence of their first baby tooth. This is the most common mistake that parents make about their child’s oral health. Waiting longer means that the baby’s primary tooth is at risk for decay. When primary teeth suffer from decay, the child is at risk to have dental caries when their permanent teeth come in. Advanced Family Dentistry takes pride in serving the entire family and welcomes dental patients of all ages in the family friendly dental office in CDA.


910 W Ironwood Dr. | Coeur D Alene, ID 83814
Phone: 208.667.1154

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